Best Plants to Grow in Your Apartment

Grow In Your Apartment

One of the ever growing trends these days is the cultivation of indoor plants in grand prairie texas apartments. Most people talk only of growing indoor plants that are of the flowering variety; however, with careful preparation, plants of all kinds can be grown in apartments. So here is a simple guide to some of the best environment cleaning plants that you should grow in your apartments.

Apartments in Texas usually have carpeting and other fabrics in enclosed spaces, and these can release many compounds that are injurious to health. To combat these toxins, one of the best plants to grow is the Pathos. Pathos has trailing stems and will grow in almost any container available; it purifies the air by removing toxins such as formaldehyde from the immediate environment. Caring for this plant is very easy, as you just need to water it occasionally and make sure the soil is dry between watering. If the plant is growing too fast, just clip off some of the new growth. The plant does well in all kinds of lighting conditions so you can place it almost anywhere in the room and it will clean your air for you.

Texas apartments are also well suited for the growing of Aloes. This plant is very easy to take care of and it has many health benefits. An important part of the plant is the “gel” found inside its leaves that can be used as a herbal remedy for many maladies and has been used as a face mask and general antibiotic for many centuries. You can grow Aloe Vera in small pots and, as they are generally dry weather plants, they will not need much water. The plant will need lots of sunlight so make sure that the pot is placed in an open and well-lit place. Window sills are very well suited for this plant. You can harvest the plant off and on and use the gel as the plant grows new leaves.

Rentals in Texas usually have limited space so you may not be able to grow a large number of plants. However, one plant which you should make space for is the lovely Dieffenbachia. Dieffenbachia can be grown in small pots as well as disused containers and will grow very well in enclosed spaces. Another benefit of this plant is its unique look. With its discolored leaves and patches of yellow, it is an arresting sight for anyone who enters the room.

Another spectacular plant to grow indoors is the Heart-Leaf Philodendron. It is climbing plant, so it can be coaxed to climb over many parts of the room. This plant is also very easy to take care of. The plant does not require specific lighting conditions and it will grow well in any lighting conditions. As far as watering is concerned, the plant will only need to be watered occasionally when the soil gets dry.